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Adventure to Danakil Depression

This place is the hottest place on earth! Measurements show that on average, Danakil is about 34 degree Celsius. During the summer, temperature can get up to a high of 55 degree Celsius thanks to geothermal heat caused by volcanic activity. It is 120 meters below sea level: this makes Danakil the lowest land depression on earth after the dead sea. Danakil depression is also a place where one of the oldest known human ancestors’ fossil was found. The 3.2 million years old Lucy’s (Denkenesh) fossil was found in the area called Hadar. The 4.5 million years old Ardi’s fossil was also found in this area. Due to the abundance of salt and mineral deposits, the Danakil is full of colorful and surreal landscapes such as hot springs and bubbling pools. It has been called one of the most alien places on earth due to the unique landscapes including the Dalol, Erta Ale (the active volcano), salt lakes and endless camel caravans.

  1. Domestic flight to Semera

    a Mini City tour in Addis Ababa then domestic flight to Semera after arrival you will transfer to the hotel, O/N in Local Hotel.

  2. Drive to Dalol

    After breakfast we start our journey to the Dallol Depression, you will visit different places like the colorful salt lakes and thermo active springs of Dallol also the different spectrum landscapes, after lunch travel to Abala, overnight camping.

  3. Drive to Ert Ale

    We drive 260km to reach to the bottom of the volcano then in the evening we start 3 up to 4hours trekking to the top of the volcano with joining different partners, then you will visit the stunning active volcano lake, overnight camping

  4. Drive to Asal

    Drive to Lake asal which is boarder with Dijbouti also on the way you will visit the Afdera lake and the salt mining process, overnight camping

  5. Drive back to Semera

    After having breakfast drive to Lake Afdera, you will swim in Lake Afrera & take bath in a natural hot springs, after lunch we proceed driving to Semera, then transfer to airport for your flight to Addis Ababa

N.B. up on your request this Itinerary can be modify.

please let us know your interest , we have a tour packages starting from 3 days to 6 days this tour also can combine with different Historical sites of Ethiopia.