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Bird watching tours

Ethiopia is one of the top destination in the world to watch varieties of birds, Ethiopia have got more than 924 species of birds among those 23 are endemics only recorded in Ethiopia such as Abyssinian catbird, Abyssinian long-clow, black-winged love bird, wattled crane, Banded barbet, blue wing gees ,white – collared pigeon, white-tailed swallow, golden-backed wood pecker, yellow-throated seed- eater, Thick-billed raven, white-collared pigeon, Black-headed siskin are few of them, the best season to watch birds in Ethiopia is between September – February , bird watchers from all over the world choose Ethiopia to experience those vast number of birds, we can make a best Itinerary if you are interested to watch Birds in Ethiopia, also we do have 2 special tour packages which will long for 15 and 7 days, you will experience a vast variety of birds in southern and eastern rift valley of Ethiopia those places of Ethiopia are a best spots to watch different species of birds, our specialized bird tour Guide will make your trip unforgettable.

please let us know your interest , we have a tour packages starting from 3 days to 12 days this tour also can combine with different national parks and lakes.